The Fabulous Party

Welcome to the party. 
All post are eventually pinned.
Sorry I am behind.  I do choose the 'Features'  see the sidebar.
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Let's party!

The Fabulous All Week Party-Linky Any Day

Welcome To The Fabulous Party
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Fabulous Party-Now With Features

Updated: Saturday 1:00 Texas Time this link will expire in 5 hours.  I am going to let it run out and not post until Midnight so that I can get the party going again from Sunday to Sunday.  

Welcome To The Fabulous Party
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Fabulous Party-With Features-See The Side Bar

The party is here but I have a little housekeeping to do first.  Trust me you'll like it  . . . 

Welcome to the party! 
 This week I started something different. Did you see the sidebar?  I'll be posting the 2 posts that "spoke to me".   The 2 I choose are also featured in my Happy Homemaker post that now posts on Saturday and is linked throughout the week.

Every post is now pinned, and Tweeted. (if you visit my Pinterest page and I've missed your post please leave a comment and let me know.  I pin from my phone and sometimes I miss one. 
 Sometimes I pin twice too!
Some posts are shared on Facebook.  I would love you to follow me on FB.  Right now I am having trouble with Facebook but soon I'll have the kinks worked out and I will be posting each and every link there as well.  
I hope that you all are having some more traffic to your blogs.  
I would love to hear from you!  
And now let's party.

The Fabulous Party

Welcome to the party . . . 
Apologies I was slow this week getting links pinned.
The good news is if you are looking for traffic on your blogs 
I am pinning, tweeting and when Pinterest allows me I am also sharing. 
I would love for you to follow me on Facebook.  Please comment and tell me your following!
It was a long week for me my mother is in the hospital and we're planning a wedding.  Spent most of Saturday shopping for dresses!
My links for the party will be 'Planning A Texas Wedding'. 
And now Let's Party!

The Fabulous Party 2018 Week 1

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All the same rules.
Come back tonight to see the fun and Fabulous announcement!
Let's Party

Happy New Year-The Fabulous Party

Happy New Year
to the same 'ole same 'ole party
The same easy party. 
 Link any day. All day. Any time.
There is something new!
Coming soon. I am adding an option to tweet.  But it didn't work this morning! 
You can go to the previous test post and tweet now though!

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